Infowars: The fact that the whole French establishment – international capital, the banking and the stock markets – all rallied on the outcome of the election yesterday in France. That demonstrates that Macron is the establishment candidate, and he will deliver a very weak France, which is exactly what Brussels and Berlin want…

We’re talking about a high probability, which is acknowledged by all the capital markets, that Marine Le Pen will lose. The whole establishment – the right and left – is throwing its weight behind Macron. So it is a foregone conclusion that he will win, and nobody is sweating in Brussels … The French people are being denied a genuine government.

They are going to receive a non-entity president, just as Hollande was a non-entity president. more …

Opinion: And who was involved behind the scenes?

Barack Obama is pictured. | Getty

On April 20, Barack Obama gently waded back into international politics talking by phone with French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron according to Politico here.

A source familiar said that Macron had sought the call. He’s hoping to preserve France’s pro-European Union bent, in line with Obama’s vision of global politics — and opposed to President Donald Trump’s.

That Germany and Brussels appear to have a candidate in their globalist hip pockets, gives Obama some comfort after campaigning against Brexit in April 2016, AND LOSING.

Although we know from prophecy that the final empire will be of a global nature, it is still fun to cheer against the progressive elites.

(Thanks to Leo for the Politico article)

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