Male escort list of 40 gay priests sent to Vatican to punish them for their hypocrisy


Daily Mail: The Vatican has been sent a 1,200-page dossier compiled by a male escort identifying 40 actively gay priests and seminarians in Italy.

The file, containing WhatsApp chats and other evidence, was created by a self-proclaimed gay escort named as Francesco Mangiacapra.

He has told Italian media that he outed the priests because he couldn’t stand their hypocrisy any longer. more …

Opinion: Do Catholics even care?

Over the past 115 years, the global Catholic population has more than quadrupled, from 266 million in 1900 to 1.2 billion in 2015, according to the World Christian Database. This growth mirrors the world’s soaring population in the same period, with Catholics hovering around 17% of the total population throughout.

Do Presbyterians (USA) care?

The very liberal PCUSA denomination that already allows for same-sex weddings, is updating their Book of Common Worship, a voluntary worship resource, to feature “inclusive language”One of the co-editors of this updated book says this change in liturgy is a direct response to the church allowing for same-sex weddings.

Do Lutherans care?

Christ the King Lutheran Church in Cary, N.C., believes that they’ve found the answer to stopping the mass exodus of tithing members. They’ve stopped preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and have embraced progressive theology and social justice.

Secular humanism is preparing the infrastructure for the final church. It is the church that will make Jesus Christ feel so disgusted, He will want to spit them out from His mouth. Revelation 3:14-16

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