5 Prophecies In Beginning Stages: Minister proposes bringing 4,500 Falash Mura to Israel


JPost: Aliyah and Absorption Minister Pnina Tamano-Shata outlined her plans on Wednesday to bring 4,500 members of the Falash Mura community in Ethiopia to Israel by the end of the year, and the remainder of those eligible to immigrate by 2023.

Tamano-Shata laid out details of her plan to the Knesset Aliyah, Absorption and Diaspora Committee, saying the long-running saga, in which many of those seeking to come to Israel have been waiting for over a decade, must come to an end.

Committee chairman MK David Bitan largely appeared to approve of the proposals, although argued that the process should be shortened and that all those eligible for immigration should be brought by the end of 2021. Read More …

Opinion: The aliyah of the Ethiopian Falash Mura Jewish tribe has fascinated me ever since I posted my first article on them in 2012. I even placed an ad in a well-known website to announce the story.

Prophecy #1 “From beyond the rivers of Ethiopia
My worshipers,
The daughter of My dispersed ones,
Shall bring My offering.” Zephaniah 3:10

The Ethiopian aliyah began in the 1970’s but has been in full swing for 8 years, despite the controversy of earlier Christian conversions.

Ethiopia is a Cush nation, along with Sudan and Somalia. Cush, a grandson of Ham, will  one day be a part of the future Gog Magog invasion.

Prophecy #2Persia, Cush and Put will be with them, all with shields and helmets” Ezekiel 38:5 NIV

  • Persia is modern day Iran
  • Cush (eldest son of Noah’s son Ham) is the area of Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia
  • Put (third son of Ham) is the area of Libya, possibly Tunisia and Algeria

All the nations that take part in the Gog Magog invasion will face judgment. Ethiopia’s Jews are going home so that God can protect them. How faithful that God is getting His African chosen ones out before He destroys the nation.

Prophecy #3 “I will send fire on Magog and on those who live in safety in the coastlands, and they will know that I am the Lord.” Ezekiel 39:6

Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan (Cush), Libya (Put) are on the coast.

God is bringing all His chosen back to the land so that when the great tribulation (spoken of by Jesus in Matthew 24:31) begins, His elect will be sheltered:

Prophecy #4 “Therefore when you see the ‘abomination of desolation,’ spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place (whoever reads, let him understand), then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains.” Matthew 24:15-16

The ‘mountains’ where the Jews will be protected is the city carved out of rock, Petra (formerly Mt. Seir), the former home of their eternal enemy Edom (Genesis 36:8; Deuteronomy 2:5): “So Esau (that is, Edom) settled in the hill country of Seir.”

Prophecy #5 “He shall also enter the Glorious Land, and many countries shall be overthrown; but these shall escape from his hand: Edom, Moab, and the prominent people of Ammon” (modern day Jordan).

Petra has narrow passageways in and out making invasion by Antichrist impossible …

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