Jerusalem mufti, Abbas announce return to prayers in Al-Aqsa


The Times of Israel: The mufti of Jerusalem, Mohammed Hussein, declared on Thursday that the Muslim boycott of the Temple Mount due to new Israeli security measures has ended, after police removed all infrastructure placed recently at entrances to the holy site.

Muslims have been refusing to enter the site since security equipment, including metal detectors and cameras, was installed after a shooting attack on July 14, in which three Arab Israelis used weapons smuggled into the sacred compound to kill two Israeli policemen.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas issued a statement calling for prayer services to be held in the Al-Aqsa Mosque. more …

Opinion: The theme of this past week regarding the Temple Mount was uncompromisingly clear and bellicose: Jews have no rights to the compound and Israel has no right to take control of it.

After conquering Jerusalem in 1967 in the Six Day War, General Moshe Dayan unfortunately decided to give up control of the Temple Mount to the Arab Mufti in exchange for peace with Arabs. As a secular Jew, Dayan had limited regard for the Biblical significance of the holiest spot on earth that was purchased by King David 3000 years ago. The arrangement in place since 1967 is that Israel is responsible for security at the site while the Jordanian trust — the Waqf — is in charge of administrative duties. Non-Muslims are allowed access to the site but are forbidden to pray there.

What took place this past week is a stark reminder that the blood feud between Jacob and Esau continues.

Two Israeli policemen were killed by Palestinian terrorists who smuggled a weapon on to the Temple Mount. Netanyahu (Jacob) ordered additional security police, and added cameras, scaffolding, and metal detectors to avoid another terror attack.

Abbas (Esau) threw a hissy fit and demanded that Muslims stop all prayers on the Temple Mount and instead stage prayers in the streets and threaten violence. Netanyahu (Jacob) removed the metal detectors, to no avail. Abbas (Esau) threatened more violence for this week’s Friday prayers. Netanyahu (Jacob) rewarded Abbas’ (Esau) bad behavior and removed all the scaffolding and railings. The Israeli police returned the security measures to how they were before the attack.

Abbas (Esau) officially wins another battle, making him even more dangerous.

For 8 years we’ve watched Jacob disparaged:

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And Esau fawned upon:

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Time for President Trump to act:

In eight months, Trump has welcomed Netanyahu, rolled back thousands of job killing regulations, killed the TPP, withdrawn from the Paris Climate accords, added $4 trillion to the equity markets and let the world know that America is back as the world’s leader.

Yesterday’s move to end transgender military service and government-sponsored gender mutilation surgery/therapy, was a defining moment in rebuilding the spine and morale of the military that Barack Obama worked tirelessly to destroy.

And that is why President Trump can have another defining moment right here and now. Tell Mahmoud Abbas (Esau) that his deadly game is over. Tell him that the US embassy will be moved forthwith, and bring God’s promise of blessing on our nation.

I will bless those who bless you, And I will curse him who curses you; And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” Genesis 12:3