Mugabe First To U.N. Trough In Global Warming Shakedown



Investors Business Daily: “Corruption: Zimbabwe tyrant Robert Mugabe is asking the United Nations for $1.5 billion a year to feed his people, who he says are hungry due to global warming. The looting begins.

About a year ago, we said that the global warming scare is not about stewardship of the environment. It is instead an effort to pull down capitalism and redistribute wealth from rich nations that earned it to poorer nations whose governments impoverish their own people. Mugabe fully understands the plan and is making his demands accordingly.

Before the Marxist Mugabe ruined Zimbabwe, it was a net food exporter, considered the breadbasket of Africa. Wheat, corn and sugar cane were routinely shipped across the continent and beyond.”

Opinion: There is nothing quite like a Marxist tyrant. They run a rigged election in a country that has a prosperous and growing economy and convince the people that with a new plan of hope and change, things will get better.

They convince the people that the leaders before themselves were out for the rich, that they lied for personal gain, made decisions only to benefit special interests, and because of them the middle class is suffering.

They get elected as gods. Some even claim that they can calm the oceans, cool the planet and bring fairness to the average, everyday, hard-working family.

Kinda gets ya choked up, doesn’t it?

But then they get elected and take lavish vacations with hundreds of sycophants, play golf in times of national tragedy, lie to get signature bills passed, and somehow the average guy is not doing so well.

Yeah, that Mugabe guy needs to go.

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