Muslin Logic: Eliminate Israel, Eliminate Islamic Terrorrism?


FPM: The plague of Islamic terrorism is based on “grievances” against Israel—so says Al Azhar, the world’s most prestigious madrasa (or Muslim “university”) that co-hosted Barack Obama’s 2009 “A New Beginning” speech.  During a recently televised Egyptian interview, Ahmed Al Tayeb—Al Azhar’s grand imam, once named the “most influential Muslim in the world”—said:

“I have noticed that they are always telling us that terrorism is Islamic. All those mouthpieces that croak—out of ignorance or because they were told to—that the Al-Azhar curricula are the cause of terrorism never talk about Israel, about Israel’s prisons, about the genocides perpetrated by the Zionist entity state….

If not for the abuse of the region by means of the Zionist entity, there would never have been any problem. The Middle East and the region would have progressed, and the Arab individual would have been like any other person in the world, enjoying a good life, or at least enjoying the right to live in peace.” more …

Opinion: Let’s take a look to see if any of that is true:

About Ishmael:

“He shall be a wild man;
His hand shall be against every man,
And every man’s hand against him.
And he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.” Genesis 16:12

About Esau:

“Your dwelling will be
    away from the earth’s richness,
    away from the dew of heaven above.
40 You will live by the sword
    and you will serve your brother.
But when you grow restless,
    you will throw his yoke
    from off your neck.” Genesis 27:39-40 NIV

In the truest sense, Arabs have their heritage in either Ishmael or Esau. Both men disobeyed Abraham and took wives from the neighboring Canaanite (idol worshiping) tribes, and their offspring have been in constant turmoil with themselves and the world ever since.

Excerpt, Islam .org:

“The most remarkable feature of the political life of Arabia before Islam was the total absence of political organization in any form. With the exception of Yemen in the south-west, no part of the Arabian peninsula had any government at any time, and the Arabs never acknowledged any authority other than the authority of the chiefs of their tribes. The authority of the tribal chiefs, however, rested, in most cases, on their character and personality, and was moral rather than political.

The modern student of history finds it incredible that the Arabs lived, generation after generation, century after century, without a government of any kind. Since there was no government, there was no law and no order.

The only law of the land was lawlessness. In the event a crime was committed, the injured party took law in its own hands, and tried to administer “justice” to the offender. This system led very frequently to acts of horrendous cruelty.

If the Arab ever exercised any modicum of restraint, it was not because of any susceptibility he had to questions of right or wrong but because of the fear of provoking reprisals and vendetta. Vendetta consumed whole generations of Arabs.”

One need only be a casual observer to see prophecy fulfilled in Ishmael and Esau’s blessings, and that Al Azhar’s comments are a complete fabrication:

Ishmael – Genesis 25:14

“And they dwelled from Havilah to Shur that upon the face of the Egypt as one goes toward Assyria in defiance against all his brothers he settled.”

Amalek (Esau’s grandson) – Exodus 16:17

“Because the Lord has sworn: the Lord will have war with Amalek from generation to generation.”

The prosecution rests, your honor.

(Excerpt: Blood Feud here)

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