Rich countries must spend $2 trillion per year for ‘climate justice’: UN report


A United Nations report has called for wealthy nations to “invest” over $2 trillion in developing countries by 2030 to address the alleged climate crisis.

The “Finance for Climate Action” report, developed in a partnership between Egypt and the U.K. – the respective hosts of the COP27 and COP26 climate summits –was released on Tuesday. It calls for a “major, rapid and sustained investment push … to drive a strong and sustainable recovery out of current and recent crises, transform economic growth, and to deliver on shared development and climate goals.”

“And do not harm the oil and wine” Rev. 6:6

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This is unlikely to be applauded by the 41% of climate scientists who are willing to admit that they don’t believe that there is a climate crisis.

According to the report, the goal of limiting global average temperature rises to 1.5­ Celsius, set forward in the pro-abortion Paris Climate Agreement, can be achieved only through “$1 trillion per year in external finance” before 2030, to be donated to “emerging markets and developing countries” by “developed countries.” Around $1.4 trillion is to be raised domestically by scaling back on fossil-fuel subsidies and implementing a “carbon tax,” the report suggested.

Despite contributing more than any other nation to global carbon emissions, China was explicitly excluded from the requirement to fund the climate action initiative.

The 94-page analysis focused on “mitigation” and “adaptation,” with the former calling for a global shift from fossil-fuel usage and the latter promoting infrastructure for supposed climate change-induced disasters to be provided at the expense of the fossil fuel industry.

According to a report in France24, Nicholas Stern, an economist and one of the report’s co-authors, stated that achieving the Paris climate goals was not driven merely by self-interest, but also “justice.”

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