No meeting of minds: Jerusalem and Moscow remain miles apart



JPost: “So why did this failed visit nevertheless receive public attention? Despite their differences in virtually every sphere, this was a meeting of two internationally isolated leaders who comforted each other with their common hatred of US President Barack Obama, Germany’s Angela Merkel, Britain’s David Cameron and France’s Francois Hollande – the leaders of the free world who are sick and tired of the dissembler from Balfour Street and disgusted by the con artist in the Kremlin.

Putin still believes that the Jews run the world in general and the US in particular – and that ties with Netanyahu – especially in the run-up to the US presidential election.

Their mutual hatred for Obama engendered a small practical step: Netanyahu invited the giant Russian Gazprom company to help search for gas and oil in Israel – which, if it comes off, could enable the sale of gas and oil directly to Europe rather than via Turkey.”

Opinion: Netanyahu thinks he needs a friend. Israel is sitting on so much oil and gas that even a friend of Hamas, Recep Erdogan of Turkey, was forgiven for an unprovoked act of aggression, and diplomatic ties between the two countries were restored.

But if we are where I think we are on the Bible’s timeline, Israel’s situation will only grow more dire.

We are told by the prophet Ezekiel that Russia, Turkey and Iran (Ex 38:1-6) will become so obsessed with Israel’s great wealth that they will devise an evil plan (Ezek. 38:8-10). Along with 4 North African armies from the south, the alliance will launch a surprise attack on the Jewish state sometime after a great victory over Israel’s Islamic neighbors has the nation living in peace and safety (Ezek. 38:11).

To the secular world, the attack will spell doom for Israel until the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob intervenes. Ezekiel 38:18-23 gives us detail of how a great earthquake will create such confusion that the invading armies will turn on each other.

The resulting miraculous victory (Ezek. 39:4-5), will so change the hearts of Jews all over the world, that they will return to a covenant relationship with God (Ezek. 39:22) and begin making their was back to the land (Ex 39:28).

This war will be the final battle before the time of Jacob’s trouble (Jer 30:7) begins. The only way God can protect His children is to have them in the land (Mat 24:15-16).