NY Bill Would Allow Govt to Detain and Forcibly Medicate Those POTENTIALLY Posing “Public Health Threat”


Assessment: Since the language of the bill refers to individuals or groups who “potentially” pose a threat, while underlining the governors’ and his/her delegates “discretion” to decide on the “appropriate measures,” basically anyone could be locked up in a medical or any other facility where he or she would be forcibly medicated. If that sounds scary, it should …

Legislation introduced in New York proposes to grant the governor power to forcibly detain people infected with contagious diseases, those who have been in contact with those infected, or anyone suspected of presenting a “significant threat to public health.” In addition to that, state authorities could prescribe detained persons to receive any vaccinations or medical treatments deemed “necessary.”

“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;
Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” Isaiah 5:20

Bill A416 reads like a playbook out of 1940s-era in Europe, but it actually will be considered by New York lawmakers in the next legislative session starting January 5, The National Pulse reports.

Per the text,

Removal and detention of cases, contacts and carriers who are or may be a danger to public health.… The provisions of this section shall be utilized in the event that the governor declares a state of health emergency due to an epidemic of any communicable disease.

The bill in its current edition does not provide a formal definition of “cases,” “carriers,” and “contacts,” but it does say that the governor or his/her representatives — including but not limited to the commissioner and heads of local health departments — will have wide discretion and the final say in deciding who would pose a “threat” to the public:

Upon determining by clear and convincing evidence [probably via “reliable” testing] that the health of others is or may be endangered by a case, contact or carrier, or suspected case, contact or carrier of a contagious disease that, in the opinion of the governor … may pose an imminent and significant threat to the public health resulting in severe morbidity or high mortality, the governor … may order the removal and/or detention of such a person or of a group of such persons. [Emphasis added.)

To remove those who may present a threat, the governor would have to issue an order, naming or “reasonably describing” the infected (or suspected of being infected) individuals or groups.

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