NYC School Kids Pledge Allegiance to “International” Flag



New American: “Young New York City school children were forced to produce and then pledge allegiance to an “international flag,” sparking a sometimes fierce nationwide outcry among parents and taxpayers outraged about indoctrination and globalism.

The controversial symbol, which included a desecrated American flag overlaid with small flags of Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico, and more, featured the words “We Pledge Allegiance to an International Flag” underneath.

It was supposed to be auctioned off to raise money, but was removed from the Internet following the national backlash that, according to school officials, has included threats. Critics have argued that the law defines defacing a U.S. flag as a crime and that school officials should be held accountable.”

Opinion: The world is just begging for an international government to take care of all of society’s ills. A leader that can solve the word’s economic problems, create fairness and justice among peoples of every nation, put an end to gun crimes and find a way to finally make peace in the Middle East.

And one is coming. A world leader will emerge from relative obscurity and will stand a bit above (Daniel 7:20) other word leaders. He will have charisma, looks, and an ability to mesmerize with powerful oratory.

He will be a peace maker (Rev. 6:1) and show great compassion for every race, creed, and color and the secular world will fall at his feet.

He will convince nations to give up guns and nuclear weapons (to himself) and embrace a softer more gentle form of Christianity that will preach love and tolerance (Rev. 3:14-22).

He will find a failed peace treaty and remake it for the Israeli/Palestinian problem (Daniel 9:27). The Arabs will put down their guns and the Jews will build their temple and it will seem like peace has finally come to the earth.

Here is what is astounding. The prophet Daniel tells us precisely how long that peace will last …. 42 months (Daniel 9:27).

Then all hell breaks loose on earth. The leader is mortally wounded to the head (Rev. 13:3) and will be said to be dead. A short time later, life will come back into his body and the world will marvel (Rev 13:4).

A clerical assistant (Rev. 13:11) will call on the world to worship him and he will walk into the Jewish temple and declare himself god, (Daniel 9:27).

The Church will have been gone for 3 years (Rev. 3:10, 4:1) and it will be time for the Jewish remnant to flee to the mountains of southern Jordan (Matthew 24:15-16) where they will be safe.

After the great war that will claim two-thirds (Zech. 13:8) of the population, Christ comes. He first destroys Israel’s enemies (Isa. 63:1-3; Obad. 1:18). His robe is stained with the blood of Edom (Rev 19:13-15) and the armies of heaven wearing white linen follow Christ who destroys Satan with the brightness of His coming, (2 Thess. 2:8).

And the world will finally find 1000 years of peace Rev. 20:1-2.

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