Obama Admits Lying All Along on Homosexual “Marriage” Views


admitThe New American: “In a mass e-mail sent out to supporters by the Democrat Party, Obama admits for the first time that he lied to voters repeatedly about his views on marriage. In fact, if his latest claims are to be believed, Obama has actually been lying to voters for decades, going all the way back to when he launched his political career in the home of Castro-backed communist terrorist Bill Ayers.

Despite proudly lying to voters all those years when he claimed to believe in the sacredness of what is today called “traditional” marriage, Obama admitted that one of the reasons he got into politics was to radically change the definition and meaning of the institution underpinning human civilization for millenia.

“To me, creating a more perfect union means doing everything we can possibly do as leaders to make our kids’ lives a little better than our own,” Obama said in the e-mail. “To decide that, in this country, health care is a right, not a privilege. To secure the right of marriage equality under the law for every American, no matter who they love. To help make sure our grandkids inherit a healthy planet. All of these things, and so, so many more, are why I got into politics in the first place.”

Opinion: He has lied about everything. He said he was for traditional marriage because “God is in the mix” and he lied about “keeping your doctor” 37 times, and he is lying about climate change, and the Iran deal.

His approval rating is above 50% and he would likely win a third term.

When the time comes for the final dictator, the nations will be eager to receive him (John 5:43). He will do as he pleases and conquer until the wrath has been completed (Daniel 11:36-39).