Obama, Castro come face to face in historic meeting in Cuba



AP News: “Brushing off decades of distrust, President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro shook hands Monday in Havana’s Palace of the Revolution, opening a meeting aimed at advancing the diplomatic opening that both leaders have pursued.

Obama and Castro stood together as a Cuban military band played the national anthems of Cuba and the United States – stunning sounds in a country where resistance to the U.S. has been part of the government’s national mission for decades.”

Opinion: The Palace of the Revolution features a gigantic sculpture of Che Guevara and was also the site of a Catholic Mass by none other than Pope Francis himself on September 21, 2015.

Che presided over the Cuban Revolution’s first firing squads. He founded Cuba’s “labor camp” system—the system that was eventually employed to incarcerate gays and dissidents. To get himself killed, and to get thousands of other people killed, was central to Che’s imagination.

It is no coincidence that the Che background in the photo was selected for both the President and Pope, seeing as how the two progressive leaders corroborated to end the Cuban embargo and both appear to share a warmth for communist thugs.

While meeting Mahmoud Abbas in May 2014, Pope Francis actually said that he defines himself as “the Che Guevara of the Palestinians” and supports their ‘struggle and rights’.

fondHow nice.

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