Obama Derelict In Failing To Call For Regime Change In Cuba



Investors Op-Ed ” Ahead of his “historic” trip to communist Cuba, President Obama has made it clear he won’t be calling for regime change in the 57-year totalitarian dictatorship. So the trip will be little more than a U.S. endorsement of a detested military police state.

President Obama’s speech to the Cuban people, explained Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes, “will address the very complicated history between our two countries,” leaving little doubt he meant “apology.” “Obama will make clear,” Rhodes said, “that the United States is not a hostile nation seeking regime change.”

Well, a sane person might ask, why not?

Opinion: This one hits home. There is a Cuban connection in Editor’s side of the family and the thought of the Castro brothers enriching themselves because of this bone-headed (Obama’s often used adjective) diplomatic disaster is hard to take.

But it is consistent.

President Obama began his presidency apologizing to the Muslim Brotherhood, bowing to the king of Saudi Arabia, and disrespecting allies Britain and Israel, and disparaging our law enforcement.

And now for his swan song: The United States President is heading to a Communist nation 90 miles from the coast of Florida giving legitimacy to murderous thugs.

How popular he will be with the America-hating UN should there be a vacancy.

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Source: Slider