Obama Ethics Chief Smacks Biden Admin For Claim They Have ‘Highest Ethical Standards’ Of Any Admin Ever


Breitbart: Walter Shaub, the former director of Obama’s Office of Government Ethics, slammed the Biden administration on Thursday over its repeated claims that it has established the “highest ethical standards of any administration in American history” by pointing out the continued controversy surrounding the selling of Hunter Biden’s suspiciously high-priced artwork.

 And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32

The administration claimed in a statement to Fox News that the deal that it helped craft surrounding the process of how Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s son, will be allowed to sell his art is a “prime example” of the Biden “family’s commitment to rigorous processes.”

“I certainly hope this is not a ‘prime example’ of the rigorous ethics because this is not rigorous. At some point, they have got to answer questions without deflecting by resorting to this increasingly tired talking point that they have the highest ethics of any administration,” Shaub said. “They can start by sharing this agreement they negotiated with the art dealer. Then, they can pledge to tell us about any contacts the administration has with any known buyers.”

White House defends Hunter Biden's art selling scheme: 'He has the right to pursue an artistic career' | Fox News

Shaub added, “If they have time, they can tell us why they think it’s appropriate to profit off the presidency after complaining about the last guy doing exactly that.” Read More