Obama: ‘I’m a Pretty Good President’; If I Ran For a Third Term, I Could Win



The Washington Free Beacon: “Obama made the remarks while criticizing leaders on the continent who wouldn’t step aside at the conclusion of their terms.

“Now, let me be honest with you,” Obama said. “I do not understand this. I am in my second term. It has been an extraordinary privilege for me to serve as the President of the United States. I cannot imagine a greater honor or a more interesting job. I love my work. But under our Constitution, I cannot run again.”

The crowd cheered appreciatively.

“I actually think I’m a pretty good president,” he said. “I think if I ran, I could win. But I can’t. So there’s a lot that I’d like to do to keep America moving, but the law is the law.”

Opinion: July 25, 2011 speech to La Raza, “I wish I could bypass Congress and change things on my own but that’s not how our system works.”

The audience began chanting, “Yes, you can; yes, you can.”

In June of 2012, President Obama bypassed Congress and issued an executive action to allow hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants who came to the United States before the age of 16 to remain in the country and to work legally and obtain driver’s licenses and other legal documents.

Obama decided that it was the right thing to do.

Our president has a talent for acting like he is speaking off the cuff while reading from two teleprompters. The remarks about a third term were planned around a speech criticizing leaders who do not step aside when their term ends.

The president does that a lot:

Mar 21, 2010 President Obama guaranteed “There will be no public funding for abortion.” Today despite the Hyde Amendment restricting federal funds for abortion, most states cover abortion under Medicaid. In addition, Planned Parenthood receives $540 million in federal funds each year.

In 2011, Obama criticized President Bush for being un-American for running up $5 trillion in debt and then he proceeded to run up $8 trillion.

Shortly after the 2014 midterm elections, the president said that acting alone on immigration would “poison the well.” The president directly claimed 22 times he couldn’t take executive action on immigration because he doesn’t have the authority.

And then he did just that …

Get ready for a third term.



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