Obama In Germany: Merkel Is On ‘Right Side Of History’ By Destroying Europe’s Borders



Breitbart: “US President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel made a joint pitch Sunday for deeper transatlantic trade in the face of mounting opposition, vowing to complete a vast US-EU trade pact that could spur much-needed economic growth.

“Angela and I agree that the United States and the European Union need to keep moving forward with the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership negotiations,” Obama said.

“I don’t anticipate that we will be able to have completed ratification of a deal by the end of the year, but I do anticipate that we can have completed the agreement.”

Opinion: Angela Merkel may be on the right side of history but she is on the wrong side of prophecy.

The president’s next quote tells us where this is going:

“People are unsettled by globalization,” he said. “People visibly see a plant moving and jobs lost and the narrative develops that this is weakening rather than strengthening the position of ordinary people and ordinary workers.”

Globalization means open borders, centralized power and government dictatorship making it the perfect infrastructure for the government of the counterfeit messiah of Revelation 6:1-2.

While it is hard to see how this will play out since Obama’s days in power are numbered, there are a few clues that could change everything.

On Saturday, the president’s wife  spoke to a graduating class at Jackson State University in Mississippi. Mrs. Obama directly targeted the state’s recently-passed “religious freedom” bill that protects religious organizations and individuals from being forced to act against their faith in dealing with same-sex marriage:

“So we’ve got to stand side by side with all our neighbors –- straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender; Muslim, Jew, Christian, Hindu immigrant, Native American — because the march for civil rights isn’t just about African Americans, it’s about all Americans,” she said. “It’s about making things more just, more equal, more free for all our kids and grandkids. That’s the story you all have the opportunity to write. That’s what this historic university has prepared you to do.”

Suppose that was a campaign speech by the first lady. Further suppose that Hillary is forced to drop out for one of several reasons, and Mrs. Obama becomes the nominee.

That leaves one important post open for 2017: UN President

Nah, that would be too crazy.


Source: Slider