Obama opposes additional missile defense aid to Israel



YNet News: “The White House announced that it is against giving Israel an additional $455 million in anti-missile defense aid on Tuesday. The declaration came in a letter to congress dealing with an Israeli request to increase funding for anti-missile defense systems in the Jewish state.

The letter to congress was six pages long and was sent following a congressional decision to increase Israeli military aid, and against the backdrop of tensions between the Obama administration and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on a new and multi-year aid package.

The letter said that Obama’s advisors may recommend that the president use his veto power if Congress passes the aid package increase.”

Opinion: Our nation is being torn apart over three words: Radical Islamic Terrorism. The president’s legacy will be defined by those words as will the upcoming November election.

The well-being of every nation is directly linked to their treatment of Israel – as defined by the Abrahamic Covenant (Genesis 12:3). President Obama, like his French counterpart Francois Holland, have not learned a thing as Islamist terror attacks are becoming commonplace in both nations.

According to USAid (.gov), since 1994 financial assistance programs to Palestinians to date have totaled more than $4.9 billion, a ten-fold increase over the 455 million requested.

Someone should remind the president’s advisors of a famous Will Rogers saying from 1964, “Let me tell you about the law of holes: If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.”


Source: Slider