Obama Trying To Sneak Gitmo’s Worst Terrorists Into U.S.



Investors Business Daily Op-Ed: “Homeland Insecurity: The Pentagon plans to transfer Gitmo “forever prisoners,” who are so dangerous even Mideast states won’t take them, to prisons inside the U.S. Obama isn’t just closing Gitmo, he’s moving it to America.

In the past two weeks, the Pentagon has sent security assessment teams to a Navy brig in South Carolina and an Army prison in Kansas to survey the viability of holding hardcore al-Qaida detainees there.”

Meanwhile, defense officials are reviewing other options, including transferring Gitmo’s worst to civilian prisons. The Justice Department is quietly renovating a maximum-security prison in Illinois.”

Opinion: I will just bet that Gitmo and the US Navy base that has been a US possession since 1903 was promised to Raul Castro in exchange for absolutely no benefit to the US.

So now, we the people, will spend untold millions in US prison renovations to hold these Islamic mass-murders while Raul laughs almost as hard as the Iran negotiating team.