Obama’s Cuba Trip Showing Signs Of Imploding



Investors Op-Ed: “President Obama’s “historic” trip to communist Cuba is showing signs of falling apart. Far from the beisbol and mojitos junket that the president’s PR team is selling, disputes are all over, starting with which dissidents the regime will let the president see. It goes to show what a bad idea this was.

Making the first visit to the island since the Coolidge administration, President Obama’s public relations men are touting a host of fun-filled photo-op activities, such as a “shared love” of baseball, as well as new State Department talks with the Castroites “on cybercrime,” as Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes tweeted, apparently naive to the fact that any hackers in Cuba are agents of the Cuban government.

In reality, there are signs of trouble all over with the March 21 visit.”

Opinion: To hear the government tell it, Cuba is on the mend: Embassies have opened, business has surged, credit cards are now being accepted, and – last week – direct flights and postal services resumed. Internet access has widened and arrivals of American visitors increased 50 per cent, year on year. Has this not helped them financially?

But, one year after relations with America began to thaw, people are leaving the island in droves, impatient at the speed of change and fearing it may be too late to get out.

The reason is that nothing has changed for the Cuban people and according to reports on the street, things are getting worse as human rights campaigners claim that 1,500 people were arbitrarily detained in December – one of the highest figures in months. And the dream of political participation still seems very distant indeed.

In a nation that Bernie Sanders would like to create here, education is free, and according to a 2014 report by The World Bank, Cuba has the best education system in Latin American and the Caribbean, and the only country on the continent to have a high-level teaching faculty.

Only 1 minor problem: the best job for a Cuban national is sill driving a cab.

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