Obama’s Final Solution for the Jewish State



Front Page Mag: “Obama’s campaign against Israel has run into one major obstacle… Muslim terrorists.

Every Obama attempt to force Israel to make concessions to the Islamic terrorists who run the Palestinian Authority has been rejected by the terrorists. No matter how much Obama got Israel to offer, it was never enough.

Abbas, the leader of the PLO, Fatah and the Palestinian Authority, has turned down every Obama offer culminating with the latest offer brought now by Biden on a visit where Abbas’ political movement had celebrated the murder of Taylor Force, an Iraq War veteran. Like the “moderate Taliban” and the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama’s outreach to Muslim terrorists failed because of the terrorists.”

Opinion: With 8 months left until the 2016 election, the White House continues to say that there will no Israeli-Palestinian peace deal during Obama’s presidency, all the while sending Biden and Kerry with one proposal after another.

But these new proposals are different, as Dan Greenwald points out in this post:

“According to a senior American official, the Obama-Kerry position was closer to the PLO side and so they didn’t even bother negotiating these arrangements with the PLO. Obama and Kerry had explicitly become proxy negotiators for an Islamic terrorist organization.”

To be fair, every president since 1948 has tried in one way or another to make the deal. Every president wanted the legacy and every one has paid the price for advancing the ridiculous notion of a two-state solution in direct violation of God’s word, Genesis 12:3; 17:7-8; Joel 3:1-2.

But, this administration is different. This administration, while saying there will be no deal, is making threats to create a UN resolution to force Israel to divide Jerusalem.

A lot can happen in eight months.

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