Oklahoma Noahide On the Trail of Temple Gold


Breaking Israel News: In 2006, Barfield was interested in the Dead Sea Scrolls and their relevance to Bible study. At first, he was uninterested in the Copper Scroll which had no theological significance. Barfield’s fascination turned into a burning desire after he met Vendyl Jones. Jones, a Texas preacher turned Biblical archaeologist, believed Qumran to be the hiding place for the Temple vessels and spent 30 years searching for them using the Copper Scroll as a guide. Jones discovered a small vial of persimmon oil used to anoint kings and high priests, and a large quantity of what he believed was Temple incense. Barfield met with Jones, now deceased, and Jones suggested he revisit the Copper Scroll.

“Vendyl told Jim the Copper Scroll had more prophecy in it than any of the other Dead Sea Scrolls,” Neese said.

Barfield’s curiosity turned into passion and he returned to deciphering the Copper Scroll. He searched maps for the “ruins of the Valley of Achor” mentioned in the scroll. The valley is believed to be near Jericho but the precise location is unknown. As a young man, he had piloted helicopters for the U.S. Army. Using his map-reading skills to triangulate, he was able to pinpoint locations on an aerial map of Qumran. Very quickly, pieces of the puzzle began falling into place. more …

Opinion: I have had an interest in the Copper Scroll since Joel Rosenberg’s best selling fiction novel of the same name:

Saddam is gone, Arafat is dead, and a new Iraq is rising. But when a suicide bomber strikes Washington and assassinations unfold from London to Los Angeles, Jon Bennett and Erin McCoy are drawn back into a world of terror they thought was over. At the heart of the mystery lies a 2,000-year-old scroll describing unimaginable treasures that could lead to the Third Jewish Temple. Some call it history’s greatest treasure map. Others call it a road map to Armageddon. But the time to find the truth is running out fast.

Enter Jim Barfield, an unlikely candidate who just may have deciphered the scroll written 2500 years ago by 5 writers including the prophets Haggai and Zechariah, but like the possible location of the remnant of Noah’s Ark on Mt. Ararat in Turkey, governments are blocking excavations. In Israel’s case, the finding of the second temple’s treasures would bring considerable strife and lawsuits from both Jordan and the Palestinian Authority, since Qumran is located in the highly contested West Bank.

Barfield is a Noahide:

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Here is a video of Jim Barfield’s detective work:

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