On Yom Kippur, “Putin in Ankara to forge alliance of Russia, Turkey & Iran.”


Joel Rosenberg: The Hebrew prophet Ezekiel wrote some 2,500 years ago that in the “last days” of history, the Jewish people will be gathered back to the land of Israel from all the nations where they have been scattered and exiled, they will rebuild the State of Israel, and they will create a nation of ever-increasing security and prosperity.

At that time, Ezekiel indicates an evil dictator identified as “Gog” will rise up in Russia (known in Biblical times as “Magog”) who will form an alliance with Iran (known in Biblical times as “Persia”), Turkey (known in Biblical times as “Gomer”), and several other Middle Eastern and North African countries. Together, this alliance will surround and then seek to attack and consume Israel and the Jewish people.

Skeptics of the Bible dismiss all talk of prophecy as uneducated, unsophisticated and downright ridiculous, despite the fact that over the last century we’ve been seeing one Bible prophecy after another come to pass. more …

Opinion: It was 2006 when I bought my first copy of Epicenter. I say first because I could not put it down and purchased copies for several friends and family. Then came the Ezekiel Option and I was hooked. The war of Gog and Magog captured my attention and 11 years later it still does, as you can tell from how many posts I have done on the subject.

Rosenberg listed 3 prophecies in stages of fulfillment:

  • Jews from all over the world have been streaming back to live in the land of Israel.
  • Israelis have been rebuilding the ancient ruins and building a modern, flourishing, prosperous economy.
  • Israelis have been creating the strongest and most successful military in the entire Middle East, have forged an enduring alliance with the world’s only superpower, and feel more secure today than ever in their modern existence.

I would add:

  • The world’s only superpower is deeply divided along ideological lines
  • Privacy and security are disappearing at an alarming rate
  • Global debt long ago passed unsustainable levels
  • Russia and China are moving to trade oil in Yuan avoiding the US dollar
  • The cryptocurrency explosion is leading to a global digital currency
  • Embedded micro chips to replace credit cards is all the rage
  • Arab Palestinians are being accepted in international institutions
  • Anti-Semitism is growing in Europe and on US college campuses
  • World powers are forming alliances prophesied 2500 years ago
  • The EU is calling for a United States of Europe led by super-president

(see chapter 7 of our e-book ‘Blood Feud’ “The Final Wars in Prophecy here)

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