PA cartoon: Buying Israeli foods arms Israeli soldiers


PWM: A poster and two cartoons call on Palestinians to boycott Israeli food products that are available in Palestinian stores.

Instead of the PA encouraging normal relations between Palestinians and Israelis, the PA does not hesitate to call on Palestinians to bring hardship upon themselves as part of the PA’s anti-Israel hate campaigns. Recently, Palestinian Media Watch reported that the PA stopped permitting Palestinians to use Israeli hospitals for treatment the PA hospitals cannot supply, even though they are only a short drive away, and instead is forcing sick Palestinians to travel to Egypt and Jordan for hospitalization. Calling on Palestinians to adjust their normal food purchases because of the PA’s political agenda is another example of the PA demanding hardship of their own population for the PA’s political agenda.

The poster above posted by Abbas’ Fatah movement shows an armed Israeli soldier carrying a tray with 6 Israeli food products and instructs Palestinians to:

“Boycott your occupier” more …

Opinion: Occupier implies taking someone land. It is the word choice used by Israel’s enemies after the Jewish state’s miraculous victory in 6 days (God rested on the 7th), over Egypt, Syria and Jordan.

So who are Israel’s enemies?

Barack Obama emphasized the word occupation for 8 years. The Christian missionary group ‘World Vision’ uses it. The UN uses it. Every EU country uses it. The World Council of Churches uses it, the Vatican uses it, and I can’t think of any government in the world that doesn’t use it. Satan’s modern day masterpiece.

In the 67′ war, Israel took back land it had been originally granted by the 1919 Balfour Declaration. We are happy to restate the truth no matter how many times it takes.

1967: The Six-Day War with Egypt, Jordan, and Syria:

Israel captured the West Bank, East Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip, the Golan Heights, and the Sinai Peninsula. When Israel recaptured the West Bank from Jordan, King Abdullah refused to repatriate any more refugees and instead put them in internment camps.

It was in those camps, with the help of Yasser Arafat, that the name Palestinian became associated with Arabs from Jordan. Prior to 1948, Palestinian was also a disparaging name for Jews living in Palestine (which was renamed Israel in 1948). Yet, since 1967, the UN has called these lands “occupied,” even though the recaptured lands were part of the original British Mandate, and no nation has ever returned land taken during a defensive action. Israel has attempted to negotiate a peaceful resolution to the status of these disputed territories ever since they came into Israel’s possession. No permanent resolution of the dispute could be reached due to Palestinian terrorism and their unwillingness to reach reasonable compromises.

A two-state solution, however, has been in place since 1922:

See our paper “Israel: 50 Year Timeline 1917 – 1967 here