PA Daily: ‘Moron’ Trump ‘Needs Rehab In A Mental Hospital’ for Moving Embassy


Breitbart: TEL AVIV – The official Palestinian Authority daily is continuing its crusade against the U.S. by publishing a slew of low blows directed at “stupid, moronic” President Donald Trump, a man who “needs rehabilitation in a mental hospital” for his “war crime” of moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem on behalf of “a gang of Zionist robbers.” more …

Opinion: A first glance I thought this was a Democrat party post since they call the president similar names daily. Also, not one Democrat member of Congress attended the US embassy opening in Jerusalem. That the trip would be free of charge with first class accommodations only serves to show on whose side the Democrats are.

Esau’s descendants call it Al Quds, Jacob’s descendants call it Jerusalem. All others are either part of the solution or part of the problem.

The blood feud 

Edom, God’s name for Esau (Genesis 36:1) decided that Jerusalem was not worth being hungry for so he sold it to his conniving brother in exchange for a bowl of red lentil soup.

Religious Jews and Rabbis know this well. Imagine any people group being hated and hunted and killed by another people group for 3500 years and not knowing who they are? Impossible.

Jews read the Bible in one hand, the Midrash (extra-Biblical accounts) in the other, as mandated in Psalm 78:5-8. Christians are mostly unfamiliar with the rabbinical writings and reject them.

In most cases when the Genesis account of the twins is preached in Christian churches, the teaching describes Jacob and his mother Rebecca tricking Esau. If one is in a liberal denomination, then you will come away with poor Esau as a victim.

The dilemma:

  • Jewish people “get” Esau and Amalek, but don’t “get” Jesus
  • Christian people get Jesus, but don’t get Esau or Amalek
  • Secular people don’t get Jesus, Esau, or Amalek

Therefore, the entire record has a limited audience.

When the second coming of Jesus as Messiah King is taught in most Christian churches Revelation 19:11-16 is read without cross referencing two major events that take place just before His triumphant return:

  • Isaiah 63:1-3: Jesus goes to Bozrah, capital of Edom, to put an end to the remaining eternal enemy of the Jews and their blood splatters His robe.
  • Zechariah 12:10: the Jews of the House of David and those in Jerusalem will have fled to the mountains of Petra (Edom/Mt. Seir) having followed Jesus’ command in Matthew 24:15-16.
  • It is there, in Esau’s former home, that God’s children will ‘mourn for Him’ turn to Him and acknowledge Jesus as Messiah, and be saved.
Now I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse …


  1. I agree with the author on this one. ALL websites are biased in one direction or another. This does not make the story untrue. If you screen out the personal opinions then what remains is the event being reported. I also saw similar stories on NBC, ABC, CNN and AP websites featuring the same sign. The event being reported is another example of muslim propaganda accusing Mr. Trump of being mentally unstable and part of the zionist conspiracy because he recognized something that the Jews have known for a couple thousand years.
    I forget the chapter and verse but Jerusalem was to be a stumbling block. I dare say that the muslims want it just to make sure that the Jews don’t have it. Which would bring in the squandered birth right and ongoing blood feud.
    Fortunately we know how the story ends.

  2. This is one of many reasons why I limit and scrutinize which news to follow. I refuse to follow any liberal or fake conservative news websites because I just don’t care one bit about what they have to say on any matter whatsoever. Breitbart is one of them. There are many so-called “conservative” news websites that have proven themselves to be fake. And to have a story such as the PA hating Trump and America is certainly not newsworthy. That is like saying liberals are fighting for gay rights, or there was a suicide bombing in Afghanistan and Iraq, or the UN is corrupt. Not at all surprising.

    • When you say this is why you limit and scrutinize news sites, it seems to imply that there is something fake in this headline and article. If so, I could not disagree more. While conservative news sites sometimes reach for headlines, Breitbart is clearly not a fake news site. Also, the main point of the post is to identify the Biblical origin and depth of the ME blood feud for what seems to be a multitude of uninformed Christians.

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