PA May Take Over Gaza From Hamas


The Times of Israel: Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas has initiated talks with the Gaza-ruling terror group Hamas to lift sanctions on the organization, end its electricity crisis and restore PA control of Gaza, Arab media reported.

According to reports, Abbas conditioned the restoration of electricity service and the lifting of various banking restrictions upon Hamas’s public cancellation of an electricity deal recently negotiated with former Gaza security chief Mohammed Dahlan, a rival of Abbas.

Abbas also conditioned the deal upon Hamas dismantling its government in Gaza and ceding control to the PA.”

Opinion: Abbas is 82 years old. He was Yasser Arafat’s deputy at age 36 when he arranged financing for the 1971 Munich Massacre of 11 Israeli athletes.

Arafat and Abbas started two intifadas that caused thousands of brutal murders of Israeli citizens while claiming they wanted peace with Israel.

Arafat was to be Bill Clinton’s hope for a Middle East legacy …

… despite the fact that he was a pathological liar who was known to say one thing in English and quite another in Arabic, right in front of Clinton and the mainstream media.

After Arafat’s death from AIDS in 2004, Abbas became the new moderate and was embraced by George W. Bush:

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And Barack Obama:

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But with a bit of skepticism by Donald J. Trump:

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Like his mentor, Abbas learned the art of being a cold-blooded killer and at the same time be considered a ‘moderate’ by world leaders. In 2015, Abbas started the knife/car ramming intifada, paying thousands to families of terrorists who kill Israeli citizens, and is still considered the key to ME peace.

If Abbas takes over Gaza, the secular world will celebrate the “moderate.”

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