PA President Supports a Demilitarized Palestinian State


JOL: Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas told a group of Israeli academics on Tuesday that a future Palestinian state must be demilitarized, expressing his support for a key Israeli demand in any peace agreement.

Abbas said he would rather devote funds to education and institutions than to an army.

“I support a state along the 1967 borders without an army.” more …

Opinion: Behold Jacob and Esau.

A return to the 1967 borders would mean 800,000 to 1 million Israeli (Genesis 35:10) citizens living in the West Bank, which includes east and west Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, would have to relinquish their homes to Esau who is Edom (Genesis 36:1).

Malachi 1:4 Even though Edom has said,
“We have been impoverished,
But we will return and build the desolate places …”

It would further mean that the Golan Heights, a key defense buffer in the north which would enable Syria’s Bashar Assad a clear line of fire into Tel Aviv, would force an evacuation of 32 settlements of Jewish citizens.

Thus says the Lord of hosts:

“They may build, but I will throw down;
They shall be called the Territory of Wickedness,
And the people against whom the Lord will have indignation forever”.

Abbas and his henchmen will not mock God:

“Your eyes shall see,
And you shall say,
‘The Lord is magnified beyond the border of Israel.’” Malachi 1:5

Ancient prophecies continue to unfold in a Biblically-asleep world.