PA refuses Israeli request to hand over bullet removed from body of Al-Jazeera reporter


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Palestinian Authority Civil Affairs Minister Hussein al-Sheikh, who is responsible for relations with Israel, said on Thursday morning, that the PA has refused an Israeli request to hand over the bullet that was removed from the body of Al-Jazeera reporter Shireen Abu Akleh, who was killed Wednesday morning during a gun battle between IDF troops and Palestinian terrorists in Jenin.

According to al-Sheikh, the investigation will be carried out independently by the PA and the findings will be given to the relevant bodies, including the United States. Al-Sheikh said all signs indicate that the journalist was killed by IDF gunfire.

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(Palestinian Authority Civil Affairs Minister Hussein al-Sheikh)

On Wednesday night, thousands protested in various locations against the death of Abu Akleh, blaming Israel for killing her.

Several hundred people gathered outside her family home in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Hanina. Earlier, disturbances were reported in the neighborhood when the police tried to disperse a protest march where some of the protesters were carrying the Palestinian flag.

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Several thousand Palestinians gathered at Al-Jazeera’s offices in Ramallah, holding signs with Abu Akleh’s picture.

The Palestinian Authority’s foreign ministry immediately launched a public relations campaign across the globe, claiming that Israel committed a war crime. Earlier, a senior PA official told Israel Hayom that the PA had asked the Americans to order an independent investigation with international investigators.

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