Palestinian, Israeli delegates trade barbs at UN climate summit


Abbas at the UN. "The Israeli occupation is destroying the climate in Palestine." (Photo: Reuters)

YNet News: “The Palestinian President and Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations traded barbs on Friday during a signing ceremony for the Paris climate accord, in the latest example of continuing Israeli-Palestinian tensions.

“The Israeli occupation is destroying the climate in Palestine, and the Israeli settlements are destroying the environment in Palestine,” Abbas told the 193-nation assembly. “Please help us in putting an end to the occupation and to settlements.

Israeli Ambassador Danny Danon responded sharply “”Instead of spreading hatred here at the UN, President Abbas should act to stop Palestinian terror,” he said after signing the treaty.”

Opinion: This past week we posted an article from Israel Breaking Israel News (BIN) and followed by Haaretz and the Times of Israel.

BIN News (April 17): “Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has hatched a plan.

He is going to New York City April 21-23  to be present for a high level signing ceremony on a climate change agreement. While he is there, he has another highly charged document that he plans to pull out of his pocket and bring forward to the UN Security Council for their consideration and for a vote.

Abbas is bringing the Israel Settlements Resolution to the UN Security Council in New York. When is he going to bring it to the UN Security Council? Not just on any random day, but on Passover weekend, April 22nd: Here I quote from The Times of Israel article:

Israeli daily Haaretz, which first reported on the resolution, said the Palestinians want the Security Council to vote when PA President Mahmoud Abbas is in New York on April 22 for a high-level signing ceremony for the landmark climate agreement reached in Paris in December.”

The draft resolution dated March 30, 2016, now published online, calls for Israel to cease all illegal settlement activity as an obstruction to peace.

The Times of Israel reported that PM Netanyahu condemned the UN draft on April 10, accusing Abbas of “taking a step that will push negotiations further away.”

As of this morning, we have no word if a vote has taken place or if the resolution will be pushed into the French Mideast Summit scheduled for May 30 in Paris, when some 30 countries and international organizations will gather to discuss the parameters for an international peace conference, that neither Israel nor the Palestinians will be invited to.

We will continue to follow this important story and will post, as information becomes available.


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