Palestinian Professor: Jews came as “invaders 70 years ago,” no evidence of Jews before then



  • Palestinian university lecturer: The Jews were never in Palestine, but came as “invaders 70 years ago”
  • Palestinian archeologist: No archaeological evidence of the presence of the children of Israel in Palestine 3,000 years ago
  • Palestinian author: The Zionist narrative has falsified history – the children of Israel were never in Palestine

Palestinian Authority policy is to routinely deny the entire Jewish history in the Land of Israel. Jews were never here, the PA says, until they came and “occupied” Palestine in 1948.

Palestinian Media Watch has documented that the PA habitually refutes the authenticity of the numerous archeological artifacts and non-Biblical sources that testify to the Jewish presence and nationhood thousands of years ago.  Read more ...

Opinion: Challenged by Louis XIV to give one proof of the supernatural, the great philosopher and mathematician Blaise Pascal replied, “The Jews, your Majesty, the Jews.”

The Palestinian lie actually reversed. The Jews came to the land 3500 years ago and Jerusalem was declared the capital of Israel 500 years later in 1048 BC by King David.


1048 BC: David, with all Israel, marched to Jerusalem against the Jebusites. By Joab’s valiant actions they captured the city of Zion. It became the City of David.

1047 BC: David was made king over all Israel by every tribe

1046 BC David built up the city of Zion and strengthened its fortifications

1045 BC: The Ark of the Covenant was brought to Jerusalem in this sabbatical year

1044 BC: David now lived in a house of cedar, and told Nathan he planned to build a house for God

There was no mention of a people group called Palestinians until 70 years ago.

(The dates are from the ‘Annals of the World’ by James Ussher)