Palestinian University’s New Gate Named after Mastermind of Munich Olympics Massacre


Palestinian Media Watch:

  • PA school and sports center also bear the name of the Black September leader

What the PA has taught kids for decades has registered: Terrorists and murderers of innocent Israelis are heroes.

In the latest proof of this, the Student Union Council at Palestine Polytechnic University gifted the institution with the gate seen in the photo above, named after Salah Khalaf “Abu Iyad” – the terrorist who headed the Black September terror organization and planned the Munich Olympics massacre, in which 11 Israeli athletes were murdered in 1972.

During the inauguration ceremony, the chairman of the Student Union Council Saif Al-Muhtasib stated that the students are “proud” of the terrorist leader:

 “We have built this structure to commemorate the name of late Martyr Salah Khalaf ‘Abu Iyad.’ We are proud of the distinguished leaders whose bodies are no more, but whose spirit remains among us.” Read More …

Opinion: Salah Mesbah Khalaf also known as Abu Iyad was deputy chief and head of intelligence for the Palestine Liberation Organization, and the second most senior official of Fatah after Yasser Arafat.

Abu Iyad and Arafat founded Black September in 1971 to seek retribution on Jordan’s military and to assassinate Jordan’s King Hussein after they forcefully confronted the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) during an attempt to seize power from the monarch in September 1970.

Excerpt: Antichrist: The Search for Amalek:

In 1970, Arafat and an Arab-Palestinian force challenged King
Hussein of Jordan by setting up a state within a state. That same year,
in a foreshadowing of 9/11, the Palestinian army hijacked and blew
up three airplanes that were flown into Jordan on September 12,
1970. The group became known as Black September and specialized
in hijackings, resulting in the deaths of over two thousand passengers.

On December 28, 2007, the Egyptian magazine Al-Ahram
Al-Arabi confirmed what many in the West had suspected for a long
time: “that Yasser Arafat personally directed the Black September
terrorist organization that claimed responsibility for the 1971
murder of Jordanian Prime Minister Wasfi at-Tal, the 1972 massacre
of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics, and other atrocities.”

The Cairo newspaper quoted a book published in December
2007 by PLO leader Marwan Kanafani titled Years of Hope: “There
have also long been claims that Arafat’s longtime deputy Mahmoud
Abbas, who is still widely known in the Middle East by his military
name Abu Mazen, was very closely involved in the Munich Olympics

The Father of Modern-Day Terrorism

In August of 2004, Andrew McCarthy, in the National Review, wrote this on Arafat:

About him, while there is much to say, there is little
to glean. He was a thug. One of the most cunning of
all time for sure, but quite simply a ruthless, thoroughly corrupt, will-to-power thug.

Arafat, a distant descendant of Abraham, displayed a self loathing of his Jewish blood that seemed to know no limit to the evil he was willing to inflict on the Jews.

And that is who the Palestinians of Judea and Gaza memorialize, a cold blooded murderer  of Jacob (Israel) whom God said He would be a war with …

“Because the Lord has sworn: the Lord will have war with Amalek from generation to generation.” Exodus 17:16