German Pastor FINED for HATE SPEECH: Homosexuality Taken Directly From Scripture


Grad Mageri 422: Recently, Pastor Olaf  Latzel was fined an exorbitant amount of money because he preached from God’s Word that homosexuality is an abomination to our God.

The pastor had merely reiterated biblical teaching on homosexuality in a private seminar.

What is the significance of this case? Is there a precedent for it?

There is no precedent for it. It’s the other way around: This will serve as a precedent for future cases. That makes it so significant. We have seen this coming for a long time. Even a few years ago some conservative Christian might have already said: If I were to imagine persecution coming to Germany, I might imagine it along the lines of moral  especially sexual — ethics.

Now, with Olaf Latzel, for the first time a German court restricts religious freedom (Article 4, Basic Law) for the benefit of the homosexual lobby. Or to put it in more neutral terms: to protect the feelings and rights of homosexuals. Read More