GOP Leadership Undermining the Trump Agenda – Setting Up 2018 Fight with House Freedom Caucus?


Breitbart: This week, Speaker Paul Ryan and House leadership introduced an Obamacare replacement bill. They said it was the culmination of months of discussion and input with members of the GOP caucus in the House. “We listened to our members,” they said, and this was the result.

It turns out that isn’t the case at all.

The House Freedom Caucus and conservative groups like Heritage Foundation, Americans for Prosperity, Freedomworks and Club For Growth—among others—came out opposing the plan. And the furor began. What’s being revealed as this plays out is the real challenge it will be to “drain the swamp.” And as the fault lines between conservatives and leadership in the House widen, the Trump agenda is truly at risk. more

Opinion: The signs about Paul Ryan were everywhere during the election:

Not just on immigration but on trade as well

We noted over and over that the election was about globalism v. nationalism. We spoke of Paul Ryan’s seemingly close relationship with Barack Obama:

So now we hear about an Obamacare lite bill which will keep government in charge – a disaster waiting to happen.

If it walks like a duck …


  1. is an excellent cite. They advise to repeal, repeal, repeal. Paul Ryan isn’t to be trusted. You are right, Author. He quacks.

  2. It’s stories like this that make me jump to Philippians 3:20 and read it a few times before I get too frustrated.

    Remember the fun we all had watching the Republicans win seats in 2010 and 2012? So what’d we win?

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