Polish Expert: Europe is at the End of its Existence



Breitbart: “Speaking to Polish television, a former member of Poland’s counter-terror police and an academic expert on information warfare and terrorism have articulated their concern about the intellectual and spiritual collapse of European civilisation, remarking it is “at the end of its existence.”

Former Central Bureau of Investigation (CBS) officer Jacek Wrona and military history academic Dr. Rafał Brzeski were guests on the Polish TVP Info programme discussing the Munich shooting in which nine were killed, and were forced to conclude it was a symptom of the end of European Civilisation.

Information warfare expert Dr. Brzeski rejected the suggestion in German media that the Munich killer — an 18 year old Muslim — was mad, pointing out the killing had “an element of planning”.

Opinion: “And the people of the prince who is to come Shall destroy the city and the sanctuary,” Daniel 9:26.

  • People (of the Roman Empire)
  • Prince who is to come (Antichrist)
  • Destroy the city (Jerusalem) and Sanctuary (Temple) (Roman Empire destroyed the city and Sanctuary under Vespasian in 70 AD – 500 years after Daniel’s prophecy)

That the European Union is disintegrating politically, financially, and spiritually is becoming obvious to political leaders, observers and regular citizens alike.

But, according to Bible prophecy, the final world kingdom of human history is re-forming right under the noses of a Biblically blind world.

When it is completed, revived “Rome” will have:

  • Global, political, and economic infrastructure (Rev 13:16-17, 17:12-14)
  • An ecumenical, apostate, government-approved religion (Rev. 13:11-12, 17:3-5)
  • A leader who will be the most powerful and evil dictator ever known (Dan 7:7-8, 23-24; Rev 13:4, 17:12-14)

The European Union member states are moving quickly towards a global authoritarian government. The United States will vote on it November 4.