Poll: 75% of Americans Think Economy Is Getting Worse


Americans’ confidence in President Joe Biden’s economy is declining, with 75 percent believing economic conditions are getting worse, according to the latest Gallup survey.

While 75 percent of Americans say the economy is worsening, only 19 percent say things are improving, and five percent say the economy is stagnant.

“And do not harm the oil and wine” Rev. 6:6


The percentage of Americans who believe economic conditions are getting worse has increased in recent months, up from 68 percent in February and 72 percent in March.

There is a drastic increase from two years ago, in April 2021, when more Americans believed the economy was improving than the 46 percent who thought things were worsening.

Compared to the same point in former President Donald Trump’s term, more Americans thought the economy was getting better rather than worse, with 49 percent seeing an improvement compared to 44 percent who saw a decline.

Only 15 percent of Americans rate Biden’s economy as good, while 47 percent rate economic conditions as poor. Gallup’s survey also found that 48 percent of Americans have almost no faith in Biden’s ability to do or recommend the right thing for the economy.

Gallup polled 1,013 American adults between April 3 to April 25. The survey has a margin of error of ±4 percent.

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