Pompeo: Al-Qaeda Has New Home Base In Iran, Threatening Region, Abraham Accord


The Times of Israel: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Tuesday accused Iran of harboring al-Qaeda, saying the country has become a “home base” for the terror group.

Israeli agents killed al-Qaeda's No. 2 on Iran street, at behest of US: NY Times | The Times of Israel

In a speech a week before leaving office, Pompeo confirmed a November New York Times report that al-Qaeda’s second-in-command was killed in Tehran over the last summer. The report said Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah, who used the nom de guerre Abu Muhammad al-Masri, was killed by Israeli agents at the behest of the US.

“Al-Qaeda has a new home base. It is the Islamic Republic of Iran. As a result, Bin Laden’s wicked creation is poised to gain strength and capabilities. We ignore this Iran-al-Qaeda nexus at our own peril,” Pompeo said. Read More

Opinion: I’m pretty sure it’s just a coincidence that ISIS showed up in Syria this past week and al Qaeda is entrenched in Iran.

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No way that could be because of 8 years of Obama Biden cheerleading for a two-state solution that would make Israel wide open for attack, or because Obama’s attempt to declare Israeli settlements illegal at the UN just before leaving office, and then secretly sending 200 million US dollars to his friend Mahmoud Abbas, or that Obama’s hatred for Prime Minister Netanyahu was in display for all the world to see …

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How could anyone think such a thing?