Pope Francis accepts resignation of 3 Chilean bishops in child sex abuse scandal


Telegraph UK: Pope Francis accepted Monday the resignation of three Chilean bishops including the controversial Juan Barros following a child sex abuse scandal in Chile which has come to haunt his papacy.

The entire Chilean delegation of bishops tendered its resignation to the Pope last month after a series of meetings at the Vatican.

The mass resignation of an entire delegation of bishops is almost unheard of, having last happened two centuries ago.

But the pontiff himself became mired in the scandal when, during a trip to Chile in January, he defended Bishop Barros who was accused of covering up Bishop Karadima’s wrongdoing. more …

Opinion: Multiple scandals:

On May 2, NPR reported that two trials have been set for Cardinal George Pell, the former archbishop of Sydney and highest ranking adviser to Pope Francis, on allegations of child sex abuse against him that date back decades.

Yesterday news broke that a priest sex abuse scandal in Philadelphia will be reported in late June:

“The results of a lengthy probe into the handling of sexual abuse claims by Roman Catholic dioceses throughout Pennsylvania, which victim advocates say will be the biggest and most exhaustive ever by a U.S. state, could be made public within weeks.”

The sex abuse scandals that began in the 1990’s keep growing for a pontiff who was supposed to be instituting zero tolerance. But the Chilean scandal has something more: a cover up.

The sordid affair was exposed in January 2018 when Francis visited South America and was besieged by protesters for defending Bishop Juan Barros, who was accused of covering up abuses by Rev. Fernando Karadima who had been sanctioned by the Vatican in 2011 for abusing minors.

The cover up dates back to 2015 when Francis received a letter detailing the horrific abuse of Juan Carlos Cruz by Rev. Karadima that was allegedly witnessed by Bishop Barros.

Despite having been handed an eight page letter in 2015 written by Cruz detailing the abuse, Francis dismissed the allegations as slander.

 In May, Francis caused another firestorm with this comment:

“He told me ‘Juan Carlos, that you are gay does not matter. God made you like that and he loves you like that and I do not care. The Pope loves you as you are, you have to be happy with who you are,’” Cruz recalled.

The church of Laodicea (Rev. 3:14-22) in action.

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