Pope Francis: Gun Owners ‘Can’t Call Themselves Christian’ Anymore


JNS: Pope Francis continued his week of anti-gun comments on Sunday by saying that those who manufacture, sell or own firearms are “hypocrites,” and not Christians.The head of the Catholic Church said when people claim to follow the teachings of Christ but also support gun ownership, it “leads to a bit of distrust.” Francis’s criticism wasn’t limited to just owners, however, as also called out those who support citizens’ rights to bear arms, adding:”Duplicity is the currency of today… they say one thing and do another.”

Speaking about the written words in the US Constitution that give people the right to own guns, Francis, real name Jorge Mario Bergoglio, said citizens should listen to the word of God.

These latest comments follow the pope’s recent statement in which he called for all guns to be banned, except for those used by United Nations troops. The Pontiff asserted a globalist message of banning firearms in order for humanity to enter into a “new world unity.”

Opinion: While the pope finally mentioned the word of God, he neglected to reference any Scripture to support his position. None of this is surprising of this pope, but his call for ‘new world unity’ should raise the hairs on the back of one’s neck for at least three reasons:

  1. Is Francis unconcerned that reports of sexual abuse/pedophilia by UN troops has been going on for years?:
  • Irish Times, April 29, 2005, UN confirms sex abuse by peacekeepers in Liberia (here)
  • The New American, Sept. 8, 2011: “UN Troops Accused of Sex Crimes Worldwide” (here)
  • The New American April 14, 2017: Thousands of Sex Abuse Claims Against UN “Peace” Troops (here)

2. Revelation 13:11-12 calls for a powerful member of clergy ( two horns like a lamb and spoke like a dragon) to be second in command to Antichrist (he exercises all the authority of the first beast in his presence).

3. Francis’ globalist idea of ‘new world unity’ is right out of Daniel 7:23; Revelation 13:16-17.

Pope Francis, it’s in there.


  1. The Centurion, like yourself, my pathway to Jesus and Our Lord was similar. I was a practicing devout Catholic who left when all of the pedophilia was exposed and when accusations were hurled at my parish priest. It became obvious the priest was guilty and the ensuing cover-up by the RC was too much. I left. God lead me to His truth through much prayer. I became a practicing Christian who headed the call to seminary. I graduated with my MDiv and further studied in pursuit of a PhD in Theology and Judaism. I would love to read your Thesis. We are smack dab in the middle of Prophecy yet the church hierarchy do not recognize it. I found this blog right after it was established and have been a devoted reader since. Thank you for this blog. Thank you for your insights as well The Centurion.

  2. No. Sorry. I don’t like Dos Equis – don’t drink much beer at all. My military skill set included much of what airborne incorporates except I have acrophobia so jumping out of airplanes (or flying into space) was a non starter. Reconnaissance, “sneak and peek,” and “If you have been discovered, the mission has failed” were occupational by words, and small arms expertise was the means of retreat so you wouldn’t lose your “tail feathers” (Viet Nam era). This and undergrad study in cartography and air photo interpretation got me into the Agency during the general Viet Nam time frame. The small arms expertise carried through to law enforcement and nuclear security (Ft St Vrain) in the late 70s through mid 80s. However, in reality my main occupational endeavors were in public administration – much more mundane and “ho hum” (20+ years). Retired in the mid 2000s, but was asked to be part of our local Sheriff’s Dept firearms instructor cadre as a civilian in 2009.

    Been a Christian since I was 9 and have bounced around a few churches over the years. I and my family were Episcopalian for almost 30 yrs until the gay bishop thing happened a few yrs ago. We become members of my son and his wife’s church, but was discontent because as prophecy began to accelerate the church was oblivious to what was happening before their very eyes. I began to balk at this indifference and began to do some research which ended up showing that most of Christendom holds the “we are the kingdom now – Israel is now the church.” I decided to go back to school at the tender age of 70+ to seek the truth. 2 years later and a 2nd Masters I discovered that much of what the church holds dear is steeped in fallacy and error, particularly, regarding prophecy. Instead of taking the easy route of more electives to complete Tyndale’s MABT, I wrote a thesis “Did the Early Post-Apostolic Church hold a Premillennial View of Christ’s Return Prior to Establishing His Kingdom?” My research (writings of the early church fathers) was an eye opener for me and a smack in the face of many of the “Pharisees” in our church. A few people want me to publish it – or expand it into book form and publish it. We’ll see.

    Perhaps I bloviate too much and toot my own horn – I apologize. It’s just at my age I can count on both hands with fingers to spare how many sermons I have heard using prophecy as an evangelistic tool. John 14:29 says, “I tell you these things, so when you see these things, you will believe.”

    • You certainly don’t bloviate. I included that clip as a humorous attempt to tip my cap to your real accomplishments and the fact you really do lead an interesting life. The research you have worked on sounds like it would make a compelling read. Let us all know if you finish and decide to publish.

      And for your second book, detailing your life and your testimony would make for one riveting page-turner. I think it’s important for us to give our testimony and yours would most assuredly be impactful.

      I appreciate you sharing your experiences and your knowledge. God bless!

      • Oh My! I’m humbled and a little lost for words. When one finds truth and wants to share it in his church and immediate family and community, and then receives that “look” or subtle “push back;” You feel the need to preach. And you have to be careful not to become that kind of “Pharisee” that you are coming against. It’s a thin line between confident discussion and prideful browbeating where you want to grab someone by the lapels and cry out, “Cant’ you see what’s happening before your very eyes?” Centuries of false teaching in our seminaries and churches have led to blindness and understanding the times. Every Christian should be a good Berean (Acts 17:11) and search the Scriptures for himself. Don’t just take my or anybody else’s word for it.

        BTW, my thesis is now copyrighted and is available in pdf if anyone is interested in obtaining a copy – with Bibliography it is 119 pages. I will send it under my pseudonym. Send your email address to me at centurian@bresnan.net

        God bless you all!!

  3. Centurion I always enjoy your commentary. When it comes to what we are observing I am in step with you and as Charlton Heston stated, “out of my cold dead hands” they will have to come get mine.

    The RC is prolific in their hypocrisy and this pope is definitely paving the way for the AC. My prayers are for those who still follow him that they may seek and find the truth in God’s word and be grounded in the testimony of Our Savior Jesus Christ.

  4. Wow! Can’t pass this one up!! Not only am I a gun owner but I am also a certified NRA handgun instructor and former law enforcement handgun/shotgun instructor for two different CO. sheriff’s department. I also teach basic handgun tactics and tactical maneuvering as well as CO. concealed carry. I suppose we are to just allow mentally deranged (or demon possessed) sickos to come into our churches, schools, and homes with guns and knives, and just protect ourselves with “bad words” or sing Jesus loves me.

    It wasn’t that many decades ago that RC church was heavily armed going about doing the “business of God” via the crusades, Inquisition, and the murdering of “heretics” who didn’t agree with the “infallible pope” and church dogma. We are supposed to love our fellow man and prayer for them, but that does not mean that we become doormats to be trampled in the dirt and allow ourselves and families to be brutalized and murdered. Scripture is replete with historical fact of the Israelites taking up arms for their protection. Many times the Angel of the Lord aided, abetted, and led the effort.

    This is more scripturaly challenged nonsense from a socialist world-order false churchite setting the stage for the AC to show up to take over with the least resistance possible. If he thinks I’m giving up my Glocks and S&Ws, he’ll have to come and get them himself!

  5. Has Francis forgotten that homosexuality is a sin, and was punishable by death in the OT? His clergy have proven for decades (probably since the beginning of the church) that it is a part of their belief system.

    Also, has Francis forgotten that gluttony is also a sin? Yet, he has admitted to being very close friends with Abbas, and refuses to admonish Abbas for his lifestyle.

    I believe that Francis has also forgotten that deception is a sin as well. However, the pope has taken it upon himself to make certain to spread a very long list of lies throughout the world, calling on the people who claim to be his flock to listen to him instead of what the Word of God says on multiple issues, especially salvation.

    Francis has proven to the ones who “can’t call themselves Christians anymore” that he is a devil incarnate. There is nothing that can ever be done to change that, and so it would be a very wise decision for catholics to come to the Lord out of the truth that is in the Word of God. Asking for true salvation in their lives, burying the old and raising up of the new, are things that should be first on their minds and hearts. Listening to Francis will only get you a free pass to a very hot place.

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