President Xi announces plan to give Arab states more than $23 billion for economic development


Times of Israel: China will provide Palestinians with more than $15 million in aid, President Xi Jinping told top Arab officials Tuesday, as Beijing seeks to build its influence in the Middle East and Africa.

The 100 million yuan pledge to Palestinians was made as part of a plan to give Arab states more than $23 billion in lines of credit, loans and humanitarian assistance for economic development.

It is part of a special Chinese program for “economic reconstruction” and “industrial revitalization,” Xi told participants at a China-Arab States forum in Beijing’s Great Hall of the People. more …

Opinion: Baloney. Xi’s motivation is global dominance, as he sees an opportunity to control the Arab states by opposing the US. China, and the nations east of the Euphrates, constitute a massive amount of humanity and yet they are only mentioned once in the final global war in Revelation:

“Then the sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates, and its water was dried up, so that the way of the kings from the east might be prepared”. Revelation 16:12

I have often wondered what would motivate the nations east of the Euphrates to march to the Middle East?

My guess has been that as Antichrist conquers both the kings of the North and South (Daniel 11:40) and moves is armies to the glorious land (Israel, Daniel 11:41) he will have taken complete control of the Middle East oil which would bring China’s economy to a screeching halt.

That Xi sees and opportunity for China to invest hundreds of billions in the Middle East brings a whole new reality. The combination of oil dominance and investment is sufficient motivation to bring an army 1 mile wide and 180 miles ling to do battle with Antichrist.