Promise Kept: Barack Obama Breaks the Coal Industry



Breitbart: “President Obama’s war on coal has bagged its biggest trophy to date: the bankruptcy filing by the largest U.S. coal company, Peabody Energy.

Make no mistake about it, though, Peabody’s management and that of the rest of coal industry bears much of the blame for its own demise. It ought to serve as a lesson for everyone else targeted by take-no-prisoners progressives.

Peabody’s bankruptcy filing follows that of other major coal companies including, Alpha Natural Resources, Arch Coal, and Patriot Coal. The irony is that coal is actually the world’s fastest growing source of energy, according to the International Energy Agency.”

Opinion: Way to go Mr. President, that’ll teach those 8300 employees who’s boss.

Meanwhile, the president has been a big promoter of electric cars, which ironically are powered from coal since 33% of home energy comes from the stuff. And to prove what a fan he is, he invested $529 million tax payer dollars in Fisker automotive, maker of a luxury plug-in electric car with a $100,000 price tag, that promptly went bankrupt in 2013.

So, in keeping his campaign promise to necessarily make home energy costs “skyrocket”, the president has once again won the hearts and minds of the only governing body that hates fossil fuels more than he does.

The UN.


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