Prophecy Today Radio Broadcast August 27 – September 3, 2022


Join Dr. Jimmy DeYoung Jr. and Rick DeYoung on the Prophecy Today Radio broadcast heard on over 80 stations around the world.

Ken Timmerman:  Update Ukraine’s nuclear plant that could have caused a massive meltdown …

  • Is Macron of France ready to support Ukraine long term as he said?
  • Germany’s natural gas supply from Russia will end in December
  • Google will inoculate Europe from disinformation
  • What to expect from Xi Jinping’s upcoming visit to Saudi Arabia
  • Turkey playing both sides on Sweden and Finland’s acceptance into NATO

David Dolan: Iran nuclear talks continue as concessions are made while US proxy forces battle an Iranian backed militia in Syria …

  • If agreed to, Iran would receive 1 trillion in revenue over 10 years. Netanyahu calls it a ‘horrible’ deal while Lapid has been reluctant to offend the US
  • US continues to hit Hezbollah forces in northern Syria
  • Islamic Jihad cease fire may not hold
  • Israel’s November election update

Prophecy Today Q&E with Rick and Jimmy

Pastor Mike Dellaperute: Book “The Danger of Puberty Suppression”: Doctors are prescribing meds to gender dysphoric children as young as 8 years old …

  • Puberty drugs are meant to provide a transition to adulthood and prevent physical characteristics in childhood
  • Claims are made that these drugs are safe, effective, reversable and ethical are simply not true
  • Puberty suppressors interfere with androgens that are released in succession and play an important role in reproductive development and affect development of the brain
  • Three phases of child development are disrupted
  • Every child that gets involved is worth $500,000 to the gender industry
  • The Church must be aware and involved

Dr. Jimmy DeYoung Sr. Legacy Series: Hell – Is it real? Is it eternal?

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