Prophecy Today Radio July 30- August 6


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Today’s Guests: 

Ken Timmerman: Changing dynamics of US, Russia, and China competing for global influence. The collapse of the Russian Empire and the rise of China as all three powers look for global influence

  • Biden’s trip to Saudi Arabia was a resounding failure as the Saudi’s made an oil deal with France. Russia’s influence in the ‘Stans and China in Africa while the US is shrinking …
  • Intel of Taiwan invasion unclear as China expands air and sea bases
  • China expanding influence in Iran and Saudi Arabia
  • Muqtada al-Sadr in Iraq is still a force to be reckoned with

David Dolan: Middle East Prime Minister Lapid visits Amman Jordan where his centrist views are popular

  • Lipid and Abdullah discussed water and food security as Jordan seeks to export goods to the Palestinians in Judea and Samaria
  • Abdullah stressed the two state solution
  • Human Rights Watch criticized both Hamas and PA for wide-spread use of torture against Palestinians
  • Israeli air strikes in Syria continue where Hezbollah operates
  • Ancient ritual mikvah bath found in Israel proves Jewish presence in Jerusalem in the 2nd temple period

Dr. Rob Congdon: A new faction of Baptist Church called ‘reformed’ Baptists moved away from Elders to a vote by the congregations retaining a Calvinistic or reformed (allegorical) theology of Eschatology instead of a ‘Biblicist’ or literal interpretation of Scripture

  • The differences between the Baptist groups are now minor or indistinguishable. Aggressive Calvinists are found in both factions of the Baptist denomination
  • A significant difference has developed as to how Salvation works as to the presentation of the Gospel
  • Calvin’s view of prophecy is to avoid talking about the future, and Eschatology is not taught in Calvinistic churches

RC Morro: Italy’s Prime Minister Mario Draghi resigns as Italy’s inflation is the highest in the EU Bloc

  • Real wages fell at the highest rate in the EU as almost 100,000 small and medium businesses are at risk of insolvency
  • Draghi pushed for tough EU sanctions against Moscow — that are crippling Europe’s economies while leaving Russia unscathed
  • Draghi supported the EU’s “Next Generation” policies that increases Brussel’s authoritarian control over the bloc

Italy may be the prototype for the revived Roman Empire

Dr. Jimmy DeYoung Legacy Series: Signs for the End Times

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