Protests and Quarantine Camps: Covid Tyranny Is Roiling China


It is said that “people vote their pocketbook.” But when they aren’t allowed to vote, as in China, they may do something else: explode. This is especially true when their government, as in China, persists in imposing tyrannical Covid policy that is, in a word, irrational.

While China has been regarded as a model by Western pseudo-elites such as WEF founder Klaus Schwab, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, it is essentially “a COVID lockdown hellscape,” as commentator Monica Showalter puts it. In fact, China’s 34,000 coronavirus cases, to use Showalter’s number — insignificant in a country 1.4 billion-strong — “have been enough to put the entire nation … into a lockdown prison,” she writes. This has led to economic distress and increased poverty.

Though China tries feverishly to control the information flow (à la the Biden-Big Tech Axis), information does leak out. For example, there are the quarantine-camp videos (below) from early this year.

“Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.” John 8:36 KJV


CHINA — Tens of thousands of toddlers being locked up in Covid quarantine camps now.

Worse yet, China is still welding some people into their homes (video below), according to Songpinganq.

This has led to to tragedy. Mere days ago, at least 10 people died in a fire in the western Chinese province Xinjiang after reportedly having been locked in their apartments in Covid’s name. All a firetruck could do was spray water from a distance too far for the stream to reach the burning structure (video below). “‘Open the door, open the door,’ a voice screamed from inside the building,” related BuzzFeed News. “‘Someone save us.’”

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