Arab Ra’am Party May Topple Bennett gov’t if Israel Confronts Hamas


YNet News: Coalition member and Islamist party Ra’am might threaten to topple Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s government if Israel starts another conflict against Hamas, a source close to the Gaza Strip terrorist group claimed on Sunday.

According to a Palestinian source — which harbors close ties with Hamas’ leadership in Gaza — the terror group’s leader Yahya Sinwar is convinced that Ra’am chief Mansour Abbas will resign from Bennett’s government if tensions between Israel and Gaza continue to escalate. 

The source’s claims come after Israel attacked several Hamas targets in Gaza on Sunday in retaliation for the riot on the perimeter fence on Saturday during which one IDF soldier was gravely wounded by a bullet to the head. 

Opinion: Mansour Abbas is the leader of the United Arab List (acronym Ra’am) party.  Unlike Arab governments, Israel allows enemy parties in the Knesset.

On April 3, 2021 religious Zionism chairman Bezalel Smotrich said this about Mansour Abbas: “he is reminiscent of Yasser Arafat, who gave peace-loving speeches in English, and war-mongering speeches in Arabic.”

The Jerusalem Post:

“(Mansour) Abbas was and remains a supporter of terrorism who goes on pilgrimages to embrace terrorists who murdered Jews. He does not accept the right of the Jews to exist as a people in their land in a Jewish state and continues to adhere to the Palestinian narrative, which simply contradicts the Jewish one.

He sees himself as part of the Palestinian people, the establishment of the State of Israel to him is a Nakba (catastrophe), and he does not for a moment intend to give up on this narrative. Even in his honey-dripping speech on Thursday, Abbas did not recognize Israel as a Jewish state, and demanded the recognition of “both narratives,” and in fact tried, in the well-known Arab salami method, to turn Israel into a bi-national state. A state of all its nationalities. The opposite of the Jewish state.”

Hamas terrorist with hand raised










Opinion: Connecting the dots:

That Mansour Abbas and Hamas head Yahya Sinwar are both associated with Qatar financial aid … and just last Thursday the Israeli government under PM Bennett mistakenly agreed to resume the transfer of Qatari aid money to the Gaza Strip following an agreement between Doha and the UN over the transfer mechanism, has emboldened Yahya Sinwar to move to strengthen Hamas’ legitimacy setting the stage for another failed Israeli government with the next Hamas confrontation.

What does Hamas translated mean again? Violence. Expect it.