Rabbi Murdered In Terror Attack In Samaria


Arutz Sheva: Rabbi Raziel Shevach, a 35-year-old father of six, has died of his wounds following a shooting attack near Havat Gilad (West Bank) in Samaria this evening.

Rabbi Shevach was a mohel and volunteered with Magen David Adom. About a year ago, he finished studies for the rabbinate, and was currently in the midst of studies to be a rabbinical arbiter.

The rabbi leaves behind a wife, 4 daughters and 2 sons, the younger of which is an 8-month-old baby. Details for the funeral have not yet been set. more …

Opinion: The Rabbi was murdered for being Jewish. The Rabbi’s murderers and their families when caught will automatically be on the highest rung of the Palestinian Authority payroll.

You see at about the same time the news broke on the murder of this father of 6, the Jerusalem Post wrote that the PA paid terrorists and their families over $347 million in 2017.

Here is how terror bonuses/incentives work: NIS equals 1 shekel or .29 of a US dollar

Palestinian terrorists' income per month. (JPOST STAFF)

The average income of a Palestinian is $580 per month, which is what the PA pays terrorists who are sentenced three to five years in prison.

  • Terrorists who get 20 years are eligible to receive 5 times the regular salary
  • Terrorists who are Israeli citizens receive an extra $145 bonus
  • Terrorists who commit the most severe crimes, like murdering a Rabbi, are eligible for $2,900 a month (+ extra money if the murderer is married with children)

The $350 million paid last year was more than covered by we the people. The U.S. hands over $500 million each year to finance the PA, and although President Trump is threatening to cancel future payments, it still continues as of today.

There is nothing on earth to compare with this. Imagine outcry if the roles were reversed and Israeli vigilantes were indiscriminately murdering innocent Arabs and being paid for doing it?

Imagine the uproar at the UN, EU and the US Congress?

But this is the 4000 year old hatred that Esau has for Jacob (Genesis 27:41) over the birthright to the land, so the world is silent. This is the evil found in Edom (Psalm 83:6) that Malachi 1:4 called the territory of wickedness, and this will only end when the Prince of Peace returns (Isaiah 63:1-3).

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