JPost: Israelis live in the most crowded country in the developed world. But few understand the cumulative price they pay now that quantity of life has begun to degrade quality of life.

Signs are everywhere: missing the wedding ceremony of a dear friend because of an unanticipated traffic jam; being turned away from a visit to a favorite nature reserve because the site has long since filled beyond capacity; waiting years for a day in court because of the backlog; seeing a child fall behind and alienated in a classroom of 40-plus children because an overwhelmed teacher cannot provide minimal individual attention; or knowing that one’s successful children will never be able to afford a new apartment due to the insatiable demand that drives ever-rising prices. more …

Opinion: When viewed through a secular lens, the constant stream of Jews making aliyah combined with a growing Arab population looks to be a major problem. Add the lens of Scripture, however, and a whole new picture  emerges.

The original land grant (Genesis 15:18) 4000 BC:

“… the LORD made a covenant with Abram, saying: “To your descendants I have given this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river, the River Euphrates.”

Image result for To your descendants I have given this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river, the River Euphrates."

God’s chosen became exceedingly disobedient and were banished from the land in 586 BC and taken captive for 70 years in Babylon. The Israelites returned  to the land, rebuilt the temple and lived in the land until the Roman General Titus ransacked the city (Jerusalem) and sanctuary (temple) in 70 AD, and the Israelites were scattered to the 4 corners of the earth.

Fast forward to 1917 AD. The Jews were to be restored to the land by the Balfour Declaration in fulfillment of Amos 9:14-15; Isaiah 11:11, 66:7-8; Ezekiel 37:10-14:

Israel was reborn on May 14, 1948 and attacked on the same day by Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. Between 1917 and the 1949, Britain had taken back over 85% of the original land grant, handing Jordan to the Arabs as two state solution:

Related image

Fast forward to Six Day War of 1967. Israel recaptured the West Bank, Gaza, Sinai, and Golan Heights that had been promised in the Balfour Declaration. Since 1967, Israel, under global pressure, has given back Gaza, the Sinai, and parts of the West Bank in exchange for peace that never came.

Image result for israel prior to 1967 war

According to Scripture, there will be two wars leading to the tribulation that will restore Israel’s original land mass as promised to Abraham. The Psalm 83 invasion consists of all of Israel’s very hostile neighbors:

Image result for psalm 83 mapAt the conclusion of that war Israel will have all the land it needs for its growing population.

Population problem solved.

(for more on Israel’s wars see BP 101 chapter 6 here)

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  1. Excellent article! It will be interesting to see if America’s new permanent military base set up there will assist in Israel expanding to gain the property it needs, or if that military base will be more of a hindrance. Regardless, the land still belongs to the Jews, and so, God will show that promise to the rest of the world in His most spectacular way.

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