Red heifer sacrifice could take place in one year in Jerusalem


All Israel: The sacrifice of a red heifer could take place on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem as early as 13 months from now.

Texas businessman Byron Stinson – the man instrumental in locating and helping get five red heifers from the United States to Israel – told ALL ISRAEL NEWS that finding the sacrifice-ready cows was not the only objective. Boneh Israel, the organization Stinson is involved with, has also purchased land on the Mount of Olives that meets the requirements for a biblical sacrifice outside of a temple.

Stinson explained that a sacrifice does not necessitate a new temple. It can also be conducted at a certain height and direction – and the plot on the Mount of Olives meets these requirements.

“This is a big step – this is a huge sign. If we’re able to do the ceremony in a year and a half, to two years,” he said. “It doesn’t mean that the temple is going to be built within one year, 10 years or 40 years, 100 years… because you have the ashes. Solomon had the ashes of the red heifer and then lasted 1000 years.”

“The red heifer does not mean you have to immediately build. However, I think it’s like a key that turns on the engine,” he added.

The five red heifers landed in Israel about two weeks ago to much fanfare, celebration, end-times speculation and a health dose of cynicism as well. The cows have all been determined by certain rabbis to be ritually pure for sacrifice – for now. They must stay unblemished and red in order to be sacrificed when they are older than 2 years.

Currently, the calves are all just under one year and are about to be released from a 10-day quarantine after arriving from Texas on Sept. 15.

The search for such a heifer has been going on and, in recent times, only a few have come close to meeting the requirements. These particular cows are the closest documented in recent history so far that meet the requirements.

The ashes of a red heifer are needed in order to purify the priests who would serve in the temple, according to Numbers 19. Because the entire animal is burned and the ashes stored and used sparingly – sprinkled into water from the Gihon spring – only nine such sacrifices had been performed throughout history. Read More …

Opinion: From the late Jack Kelley (Grace Thru Jack was asked if a new red heifer is certified, does that mean we are closer to the Rapture?

“According to Numbers 19 the ashes of a pure red heifer were an ingredient in the water of purification that made Israelites ceremonially clean. Today all living Jews are unclean and cannot enter the Temple or touch anything that’s holy. Before they can begin building the new temple they will have to be made clean again. To become so, they need a red heifer and that’s why the birth of one is so exciting to them.

In all of Israel’s history there have only been 9 red heifers sacrificed. Hebrew tradition holds that when the 10th one is sacrificed it will be a sign of the Messiah’s coming.

The red heifer pertains to the rapture in that the Temple is a necessary component of Daniel’s 70th Week. It has to be built and functioning by the middle of the week when the anti-Christ defiles it (Daniel 9:27, Matt. 24:15-21, 2 Thes 2:4). From my studies, I’m convinced that the rapture will occur before the 70th Week begins. In short, a red heifer makes building the Temple possible soon and that makes the rapture possible sooner.”

So what is Daniel’s 70th week?

I am convinced that Daniel 9:24-27 is critical to understanding Bible prophecy. In those 4 verses the angel gave Daniel a timeline of 470 (30 day month) years that would commence with an edict allowing the Jews to return to Jerusalem from captivity in Babylon to rebuild the walls of the city, to end the transgression, to the crucifixion of Jesus (cut off), to His triumphal entry to Jerusalem on a colt, to the emergence of Antichrist, to the Great Tribulation to the 2nd Coming of Messiah Jesus.

v. 24 “Seventy weeks (490 years, Hebrew for weeks is shabua1 week = 7 years) are determined for your people (Jews) and for your holy city (Jerusalem),
To finish the transgression, (death of Jesus)
To make an end of sins, (Kingdom age)
To make reconciliation for iniquity,
To bring in everlasting righteousness (Millennial Reign),
To seal up vision and prophecy,
And to anoint the Most Holy (Messiah).”

v. 25 “Know therefore and understand, That from the going forth of the command to restore and build Jerusalem (decree of Artaxerxes in 445 BC), Until Messiah the Prince (First Coming of Jesus), There shall be seven weeks (49 years) and sixty-two weeks (434 years); The street shall be built again, and the wall, Even in troublesome times.”

  • 7 weeks (49 years rebuilding Jerusalem)
  • PLUS 62 weeks (434 years First Coming of Messiah)
  • EQUALS 69 weeks (483 years = Triumphant entry into Jerusalem)

v. 26 “And after the sixty-two weeks (49 + 434 = 483 yearsMessiah shall be cut off (crucified in 32 AD), but not for Himself; And the people (Roman empire) of the prince (Antichrist) who is to come, shall destroy the city (Jerusalem) and the sanctuary (Temple).”

Daniel’s 70 Week:

V. 27:Then he (Antichrist) shall confirm a covenant (Peace treaty) with many for one week (7 years); But in the middle of the week (3.5 years) He shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering And on the wing of abominations shall be one who makes desolate,
Even until the consummation, which is determined,
Is poured out on the desolate.” 
 Daniel 9:27.

The middle of the week is the last 3.5 years called the Great Tribulation when Antichrist will go on a murderous rampage to try to finish what Adolf Hitler started.

“And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord will consume with the breath of His mouth and destroy with the brightness of His coming.” 2 Thess. 2:8

See Bible Prophecy 101 chapter 5 “The 70 Weeks of Daniel” here