Report: Kerry, Malley, Colluded with Iran to Undermine Trump’s Policy


Jewish Press: In 2019, Iran’s foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif met in New York with Robert Malley, the Obama administration’s negotiator of the historic Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) deal with Iran and President Joe Biden’s current special envoy for Iran. According to the Washington Times (EXCLUSIVE: Biden team colluded with Iran to foil Trump diplomacy), this was an attempt to undermine the Trump administration and “lay the groundwork for post-Trump relations.”

Robert Malley

Meanwhile, Obama’s Secretary of State John Kerry has met with Zarif at least twice during the Trump administration.

The Washington Times’ Ben Wolfgang and Guy Taylor claim that in September 2019 President Trump wanted to use the UN General Assembly meeting to open a backchannel of communication with top Iranian officials to ease the escalating tensions with Tehran, but the effort failed.

Apparently, Malley torpedoed the Trump White House efforts, forging a pact between Obama administration veterans and Iran the allowed the Iranians to bypass Trump entirely, in anticipation of a Democratic win in 2020.

The Washington Times cites “numerous sources,” including members of the US intelligence community, who say Zarif maintained close ties with Washington liberals who advocate a more “accommodating” Iran policy. They amplify Zarif’s talking points, giving Iran influence over American public opinion. Read More