Report Shows Associated Press Cooperated With Nazis; AP: We Were Under “Intense Pressure”



Breaking Israel News: “Will two walk together except they have agreed?” Amos 3:3 (The Israel Bible™)

As the prophet Amos points out, it is not by chance that two entities work together. A new report demonstrates that the Associated Press was able to obtain its photo access in Germany from 1932 to 1941 by cooperating with the Nazi regime. The Guardian first reported on the research conducted by German historian Harriet Scharnberg.

When other major news agencies were booted out of Germany under Hitler, AP became an important source of information on the totalitarian regime. Now coming to light, however, is the devil’s pact the news agency was required to make to secure its position.

The Schriftleitergesetz (editor’s law), to which AP acquiesced, forbade the news agency from publishing anything “calculated to weaken the strength of the Reich abroad or at home”. It also required them to hire reporters who worked for the Nazi party’s propaganda division. According to Scharnberg’s.

Opinion: I wish this were shocking news. Part of what I do all day is try to find the truth in progressive left websites.

The liberal influence on politics is not new in the 21st century. Progressive politicians were supporters of Communism and Nazism in the 20th century, completely destroying anyone who dared disagree with their destructive ideology.

Does Joe McCarthy ring a bell?