Rouhani: Trump’s talk ‘propaganda,’ he can’t cancel Iran nuclear deal


JPost: “DUBAI – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday US President-elect Donald Trump cannot unilaterally cancel the nuclear deal Tehran signed with world powers including Washington and that talk of renegotiating it was “meaningless.”

“The president elect has shown he is not happy about the nuclear deal, calling it the worst deal ever signed. This is only empty talk,” Rouhani told a news conference on the anniversary of the removal of sanctions.”

Opinion: I can’t help but laugh. After observing how the president-elect deals with people who mock him, I think Rouhani will regret his words.

In one of the most horrifying incidents of the Obama era, Iran’s Rouhani was in charge as two US Navy command boats were seized by the Iranian Revolutionary guard (IRGC) and 10 US Navy sailors were held on their knees at gunpoint.

Candidate Donald Trump demanded that “we want our hostages back NOW!”

Somehow I don’t think he has forgotten.