Russia-Israel crisis deepens after latest IAF strike in Syria


YNet News: Moscow was raging mad and the Russian liaison officers at the Hmeimim base in Syria were furious with their Israeli counterparts after the IAF’s recent attack in Syria, which was confirmed this week by a source in Jerusalem.

The source sought to show Israeli determination and put on a false display of the IDF resuming normal activity in Syria against Iranian targets.

But the story behind this aerial attack shows the extent of the crisis between Russia and Israel, which began with the downing of a Russian spy plane, and to which no solution has been found so far. more …

Opinion: The news broke on September 18 “ReportSyria accidentally downs Russian plane following alleged IAF strike”:

“US official says Assad’s forces accidentally shot down reconnaissance plane during botched retaliation against alleged Israeli airstrikes on Syrian targets in Latakia; Russian defense ministry says one of its military aircraft with 15 people on board disappeared from radar screens while Israeli and French forces were mounting aerial attacks on targets in Syria.”

Three days later, the Debkafile headline changed everything:

In apparent about-turn, Russian embassy tears into Israel for downing of plane

“The Russian Ministry of Defense leveled several grave charges against Israel on Sunday, Sept. 23 as having caused the loss of the Russian IL-20 plane with 15 servicemen aboard. IDF sources responded that the Russians are hiding their own military lapses with “lies” against Israel over the downing of the Russian plane by Syrian air defenses on Sept. 17.”

The warm relation between Russia and Israel may be over.

In our post (here) on the topic, we wondered if this breach could be similar to the Mavi Marmara flotilla of 2010 that caused a diplomatic end to a 65-year relationship between Israel and Turkey:

“On May 31, 2010 a Turkish flotilla set sail for Gaza with the intention of breaking the Israeli blockade that prevented weapons from reaching Hamas.

The Israeli government contacted each ship captain, as well as the non-governmental organizations and Turkish government supporting the flotilla and warned of inspections to check for weapons.

When the flotilla was about 80 miles from the Gaza coast, Israeli commandos — armed with paintball guns — rappeled aboard. Five of the ships were turned back. But when the commandos boarded the sixth, the Mavi Marmara, they were swarmed by the waiting mob, who attacked them with knives, metal bars, guns and at least one firebomb.

Nine activists were killed (eight Turkish nationals and a Turkish American), dozens of activists and seven Israeli commandos were wounded.”

Evidently it has, and that makes three out of three of the principal attackers listed in Ezekiel 38:1-6 with a grudge against the Jewish state, which not only strengthens the Palestinian Authority’s position against the Trump ‘deal of the century’ just weeks before it unfolds, but brings the war of Gog and Magog into view.

(See more on Gog and Magog in our e-Book chapter 7 “The last Wars in Prophecy here)